Ian Ho
Art Gallery
  • Artary Children Art Painting Scary Halloween Trees Week 43 Year 2012
    Scary Halloween Trees
    People like to believe that spooky things happen around hallow willow trees. These abandoned trees are often unlighted.
  • Artary Children Art Painting Silly Skeleton Week 42 Year 2012
    Silly Skeleton
    The human skeleton is an important part of the human body, responsible for keeping the body upright. The skeleton takes 20 years before it's fully developed. A human has over 200 bones in the skeleton!
  • Artary Children Art Painting Afro Frankenstein Week 40 Year 2012
    Afro Frankenstein
    "Frankenstein" in popular culture, is usually wrongly referred to as the green monster we all know. "Frankenstein" is actually the creator of the green monster!
  • Artary Children Art Painting Walrus Postcard Week 37 Year 2012
    Walrus Postcard
    Walruses are easily recognised by their prominent tusks, whiskers and bulkiness. They are valuable to the indigenous Arctic people, and are hunted for their meat, fat, skin, tusks and bone.
  • Artary Children Art Painting Chalky Polar Bear  Week 36 Year 2012
    Chalky Polar Bear
    Polar bears are the world's largest land carnivore and live in the Arctic regions. They spend most of their time at sea, hunting for one of their favourite food - seals.
  • Artary Children Art Painting Antarctic Hand Printed Penguin  Week 35 Year 2012
    Antarctic Hand Printed Penguin
    Penguins in their natural habitats in the south hemisphere. Featuring hand printing and painting.
  • Artary Children Art Painting Rainbow Merlion Week 34 Year 2012
    Rainbow Merlion
    Strikingly unique version of the brightly lited rainbow Merlion by the Esplanade.
  • Artary Children Art Painting Singapore Taxi Cabs Week 33 Year 2012
    Singapore Taxi Cabs
    City roads collage of our famous taxi cabs. Featuring colourful taxi cab tops and clean straight roads.
  • Artary Children Art Painting Mystical Pony Week 9 Year 2012
    Mystical Pony
  • Artary Children Art Painting Eiffel Tower on Pastels Week 8 Year 2012
    Eiffel Tower on Pastels
  • Artary Children Art Painting Enchanting Owls Week 6 Year 2012
    Enchanting Owls
Enchanting Owls